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Returning students bringing their next dogs to PuppyLove or Basic Manners pay $150 if they register and pay in advance (WelcomeBack discount code in our online store).

*Spring Oaks Animal Care Center clients receive a $65 discounts at that DeLand location if they pay at least 1 day in advance (discount code SpringOaks2017).

To maintain the quality of our intensive programs, there are no refunds for class withdrawals one week or less before your orientation session. You get credit for a session or program (including private sessions in Osteen) within 6 months of the original orientation date.

Visa, MasterCard, Discover accepted. $25 service charge plus costs for credit card cancellations and returned checks.

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Begin right away -- no need to wait for for a far-off start date.

     Discounts with advance paid registration


What is the best class for my new dog right now, or if we are new to dog training?

     Register online today for orientation (Week 1) for a small group PuppyLove or Basic Manners program with experienced trained professionals & volunteers. Private sessions also available - see potential times on Class Schedule page.

     PuppyLove & Basic Manners are parallel programs with mostly the same material covered in each. Extra material and off-leash work included in PuppyLove (limited to pups 8-18 weeks old at orientation).

     Start as soon as you get your next puppy, as we do with our own pups at 8 weeks of age. There is no need to wait for final puppy shots since studies show that improvements in the shots our pups receive make it safe to come to class young.

     Studies also prove the importance of early group sessions for mental and social development, with the fastest, strongest benefits for contact before the pup is 16 weeks old. World-renowned lecturer, trainer, researcher Ian Dunbar DVM, recommends pups meet 100 people before they are 8 weeks old, and that they meet another 100 people before they are 16 weeks old. Dunbar is a veterinarian, animal behaviorist, and dog trainer who received his veterinary degree and a Special Honors degree in Physiology & Biochemistry from the Royal Veterinary College (London University) plus a doctorate in animal behavior from the Psychology Department at UC Berkeley, where he researched the development of social hierarchies and aggression in domestic dogs.

Osteen: beginners, behavior, agility, group & private aggression/shyness/fear/nervous issues, competition obedience, rally, show/conformation, private.
DeLand: beginners (Tues. evenings), private aggression counseling (Tues. afternoons).

In your home: beginners, behavior, competition obedience, rally, show/conformation for friendly dogs.
Nervous, extremely shy or aggressive dogs are usually handled only in Osteen

  • Private classes, series & workshops in Osteen specifically designed for those dogs.

Osteen - Best Paw Forward Inc. - Outdoors, mostly under cover,

          or inside for inclement weather.
Deland - Spring Oaks Animal Care Center - Mostly indoors.

Class details

  • Orientation

Bring your dog - let's get training now!

Orientation is Week 1 in PuppyLove or Basic Manners.

Required for all new PuppyLove & Basic Manners dogs and their families.
Different time from regular open-enrollment series times.
By appointment.

Osteen or DeLand.

  • PuppyLove - $185​

Bring your pup 8-18 weeks old to begin a lifetime of love.
Must take orientation first with your dog.
10 week series in Osteen (6:30 p.m. Mondays, noon Saturdays).
7 week series in DeLand (6:30 p.m. Tuesdays)

     Discounts for Spring Oaks ​Animal Care Center clients at that location.
Optional weekly free agility introduction in Osteen.
Approved class for AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Test.

  • Basic Manners - $185

Bring your pup older than 18 weeks (about 4 1/2 months or older).

Bring your friendly adult dog.
Must take orientation first with your dog.
10 week series in Osteen (Mon. mornings, Wed. evenings, Sat. morning).
7 week series in DeLand (Tues. evenings)

     Discounts for Spring Oaks ​Animal Care Center clients at that location.
Optional weekly free agility introduction in Osteen.
Approved class for AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Test for dogs up to 1 year old.

  • Manners Plus - $55 per month.

Intermediate obedience/agility level.
Must first complete PuppyLove or Basic Manners. 
Osteen (Mon. morning, Wed. evening, Sat. midday).

AKC Canine Good Citizen & Community Canine prep course.

  • Agility Beginners free with PuppyLove, Basic Manners, Manners Plus.

Beginners optional free introduction free with weekly Basic Manners & PuppyLove.

Promotes body awareness, canine fitness, advanced obedience manners. 
Private classes, workshops.


  • Agility ​Intermediate to advanced, $45 per month, $15 drop ins.

Mostly off-leash.
Osteen​ (Thurs. & Sat. mornings)

Included in Mon. night advanced obedience group.

  • Advanced obedience, rally​ - $45 per month, $15 drop in.
  • Osteen (Mon. evening, Thurs. & Sat. mornings).​

  • Conformation/show dog training

Private classes, workshops.