A new start for you and your puppy (8-18 weeks old on first day of class, which is your orientation session.)

Schedule your orientation class now in the Best puppy program in Central Florida.

Avoid playing "catch up" for the rest of your dog's life. 

Take advantage of your puppy's critical social periods.

Fastest learning time in a puppy's life.

​Increase neural pathways in the brain for a lifetime of faster learning.

No need to wait for final puppy shots. We follow updated puppy class vaccine protocols of major veterinary universities.

​​​​​​​Best Paw Forward Inc. Dog Training

Learn how to fix or prevent common behavior problems (rough puppy mouthing, house training, pulling on leash, jumping up uninvited, chewing & stealing, barking, whining, digging, & social problems with people & with other pets. 

PuppyLove covers more material than our parallel Basic Manners series for older pups & adult dogs.

Both levels include obedience tricks like come, heel, stay, sit, down & stand.  

Quickly make daily life with your pup fun and easy

Safely guide your puppy's development to help him become a great family companion

Easily master management methods overnight

5-step bite inhibition program to teach your pup how to be gentle with everyone, including children and seniors

​Free optional agility introduction at safe puppy heights.

Jump right into open-enrollment series.

No need to wait for a far-off start date.

Two dog-friendly, people-friendly locations:

Best Paw Forward Inc., Osteen

6:30 p.m. Mondays.

12:15 Saturdays.

Spring Oaks Animal Care Center, DeLand

6:30 p.m. Tuesdays. 

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