​​​​​​​Best Paw Forward Inc. Dog Training

Equipment for Basic Manners, PuppyLove and private sessions:

  • Secure leash & snug-fitting collar for private or orientation class
  • Best leash for all ages, all owners: 4’ to 6' latigo leather, no wider than 5/8” for larger dogs or 1/2" for smaller dogs (discounted for on-line registration paid in advance for Basic Manners & PuppyLove). PuppyLove pups may also wear nylon or cotton leashes. No retractable/extension leashed allowed.
  • Safe equipment required at all sessions.
  • Chain/partial chain choke collars not allowed in beginner classes, agility, play times
  • No harnesses

Leash corrections rarely needed nor used. 

Gentle Leader or Snoot Loop head collars, fitted with our help, are a great choice for a dog or puppy that is pulling hard though he needs a few days to get used to one. 

Advance registration & Orientation Class required for all PuppyLove & Basic Manners sessions

Orientation is the first class for PuppyLove or Basic Manners group series.  Bring  your dog, great protein-based treats & vaccination records.

Schedule your orientation class to start (different time from regular classes - suggestions for times on class schedule page).

Easy on-line registration/reservation form on this web page.

Do not feed your dog before class. Full dog tummies make it hard for dogs to concentrate in class.

  • Morning or midday class: no breakfast
  • Evening class: light breakfast before 9 a.m.; no other food until after class.
  • Shy or nervous dog: No food for 24 hours before first session.
  • Provide fresh water at all times. No need to withhold water before any classes, nor at other times.

Bring super-yummy class treats* 

  • 3-4 different items, something special like low-fat hot dogs, cheese, cooked boneless chicken or lean red meat, fresh liver, drained lean ground beef (cheaper and healthier than most dog treats)
  • Bring something the pup does not get at home already, so it is novel and exciting
  • Leave sugar-heavy, chemical-laden, grain-filled dog treats at home
  • Soft high-value treats cut into tiny bits (from the diameter of puffed rice to frozen pea size) or in chunks that can be easily ripped apart during class
  • 2-3 cups per session for medium to big dogs, 1-2 cups for small to medium dogs
  • In treat pouch, treat bag, carpenter/kitchen apron with pockets. Leave the plastic bags for the treats at home or in the car.
  • Place treats directly into dog treat bag or carpenter’s apron

​​Proof of vaccinations & health

  • Dogs clean, healthy, free of parasites such as fleas, ticks etc.
  •  Required: Distemper, Adenovirus, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus  
  • Rabies required for dogs older than 16 weeks
  • Recommended: leptospira, bordetella, canine influenza
  • ​Bring printed vaccine or titer records, or scan/send with your complete name & dog's name
  • Titer test records accepted in lieu of repeating vaccines. 
  • In-home private sessions also available for puppies & friendly dogs, including dogs with compromised immune systems. 

Children in class: 

  • Welcome in all regular group classes
  • Bring 2 adults if possible for each family with children younger than age 5
  • Children must remain with parents or guardians at all times.
  • Some attendance restrictions in aggression programs

​Shy, nervous, aggressive, noisy dogs: 

  • Private or special sessions for serious social or noise issues available
  • Watch for Detouring Doggie Delinquents workshops/growl classes on our schedule, Facebook or student e-mail lists

 Female dogs in season 

  • May not attend Basic Manners
  • Welcome in advanced sessions at owners’ discretion
  • Owners who attend Basic Manners classes without their dogs during those weeks get free group makeup sessions later

What to wear

​​Most Osteen site classes outdoors under cover. 

Comfortable clothing; dress for easy movement

  • Non-skid shoes such as tennis or athletic shoes
  • No sandals nor flip flops, please.
  • Pockets are a big plus!


Photo and videos recorded during classes encouraged. All rights reserved to Best Paw Forward. Please tag Best Paw Forward in any you put on-line and submit any images or video for credit toward future classes.

Cell phones

  • Mute or turn off incoming announcements, calls, messages
  • No texting, Tweeting during class to avoid missing material covered - post & share later
  • Send class photos to us for credit toward future classeshttps://www.facebook.com/bestpawforwardinc
  • Tweet about the fun you are having @BestPawFlorida

Getting ready for orientation or private class

PuppyLove (8-18 weeks old at orientation/first class)

  • Buckle or snap collars.
  • Fabric or leather leash.

Basic Manners

  • Leather leash required.
  • No wider than 5/8 inch wide.
  • Local supplier of handmade latigo leashes HMI Pet Products available at class; prices meet or beat most local sources.

Basic Manners collar choices

  • Snug-fitting thin all-nylon slip collar (worn with no other collars).
  • All-nylon limited slip collar (worn with no other collars)​.
  • Gentle Leader or Snoot Loop head collars (regular snap or buckle. collars worn at same time as head collars).
  • Rare collar exceptions for toy breeds that do not pull on leash around distraction. 

Group Class Locations

Best Paw Forward Inc.
1835 Oak Haven Plantation Rd.
 Osteen FL 32764-8872

Our Osteen home base offers group and private classes located on 10 lovely grassy fully-fenced acres in Volusia County. 
Spring Oaks Animal Care Center
152 McGregor Rd., DeLand 32720
Tues. night PuppyLove & Basic Manners group classes

Best Paw Forward Inc.
1835 Oak Haven Plantation Rd Osteen FL 32764-8872 US
407-321-1006 | info@bestpaw.com
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Driving to the Osteen site: 

  • Download or print/take along web page directions. 

  • Most GPS and mapping programs contain serious routing errors. Tell your system to avoid Lake Ashby Road & Boy Scout Camp Road if they show up on your route, and watch closely on the first turn after you enter our subdivision on the dirt road (you turn right into Saddle Creek Farms, then left at the first intersection.)

  • Watch out for misleading links from servers even if they pop up on our registration form.