​​​​​​​Best Paw Forward Inc. Dog Training

Getting ready for orientation or private class

PuppyLove (8-18 weeks old at orientation/first class)

  • Buckle or snap collars.
  • Fabric or leather leash.

Basic Manners

  • Leather leash required.
  • No wider than 5/8 inch wide.
  • Local supplier of handmade latigo leashes, HMI Pet Products, available at class. Prices meet or beat most local sources and many online as well.

Basic Manners collar choices

  • Snug-fitting thin nylon slip collar (no chain, & worn with no other collars).
  • All-nylon limited slip collar (worn with no other collars)​.
  • Gentle Leader or Snoot Loop head collars (regular snap or buckle. collars may be worn at same time as head collars).
  • Rare collar exceptions for toy breeds that do not pull on leash around distraction. 

Equipment for Basic Manners, PuppyLove and private sessions:

  • Secure leash & snug-fitting collar for private or orientation class
  • Best leash for all ages, all owners: 4’ to 6' latigo leather, no wider than 5/8” for larger dogs or 1/2" for smaller dogs.
  • PuppyLove pups may also wear nylon or cotton leashes.
  • No retractable/extension leashes allowed in Basic Manners nor PuppyLove.
  • Safe equipment required at all sessions.
  • Chain/partial chain choke collars not allowed in beginner classes, agility, play times
  • No harnesses

Leash corrections rarely needed nor used. 

Gentle Leader or Snoot Loop head collars, fitted with our help, are a great choice for a dog or puppy that is pulling hard. Your dog will likely need a few days to get used to you having such easy control of his head & body. 

Group Class Locations

Best Paw Forward Inc.
1835 Oak Haven Plantation Rd.
 Osteen FL 32764-8872

Our Osteen home base offers group and private classes located on 10 lovely grassy fully-fenced acres in Volusia County. 
Spring Oaks Animal Care Center
152 McGregor Rd., DeLand 32720
Tues. night PuppyLove & Basic Manners group classes

Best Paw Forward Inc.
1835 Oak Haven Plantation Rd Osteen FL 32764-8872 US
407-321-1006 | Contact us.
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Driving to the Osteen site: 

  • Download or print/take along web page directions. 

  • Most GPS & mapping programs contain serious routing errors. Tell your system to detour around/avoid Lake Ashby Road & Boy Scout Camp Road if they appear on your route.

  • Watch closely on first turn after you enter our subdivision on dirt road (turn right into Saddle Creek Farms, then left at first intersection.)

  • Watch out for misleading links from servers even if they pop up on our registration form.

Advance registration & Orientation Class required for all PuppyLove & Basic Manners sessions

Orientation - first class for PuppyLove or Basic Manners group series.


     Your dog.

     Great protein-based foods like

          Boneless chicken.


          Hot dogs.

     Vaccination records.

Schedule your orientation class to start at a different time & sometimes different day of the week from regular classes - suggestions for times on class schedule page).

Easy on-line class registration/reservation form on this web page.

Do not feed your dog before class. Full dog tummies make it hard for dogs to concentrate in class.

  • Morning or midday class: no breakfast
  • Evening class: light breakfast before 9 a.m.; no other food until after class.
  • Shy or nervous dog: No food for 24 hours before first session.
  • Provide fresh water at all times. No need to withhold water before any classes, nor at other times.

Bring super-yummy class treats* 

  • 3-4 different items, something special like low-fat hot dogs, cheese, cooked boneless chicken, lean red meat, fresh liver, drained lean ground beef (cheaper & healthier than most dog treats).
  • Bring something your pup does not get at home already, so it is novel and exciting
  • Avoid sugar-heavy, chemical-laden, grain-filled dog treats. No articial sweeteners (especially Xylitol which is toxic to dogs)
  • Soft high-value treats cut into tiny bits (from diameter of puffed rice to frozen pea size) or in chunks that can be easily ripped apart during class
  • 2-3 cups per session for medium to big dogs, 1-2 cups for small to medium dogs
  • In treat pouch, treat bag, carpenter/kitchen apron with pockets. Leave the plastic bags for treats at home or in car.
  • Place treats directly into dog treat bag or carpenter’s apron. Leaving treats in plastic baggies is inefficient & slows down your response time because they are slippery.​

​​Proof of vaccinations & health

  • Dogs clean, healthy, free of parasites such as fleas, ticks etc.
  •  Required: Distemper, Adenovirus, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus  
  • Rabies required for dogs older than 16 weeks
  • Recommended: leptospira, bordetella, canine influenza. E-mail bestpaw@bestpaw.com for clarifications or questions.
  • ​Bring printed vaccine or titer records, copy of your records on an electronic device (smart phone, tablet), or scan/send with student's name & dog's name.
  • Titer test accepted in lieu of repeating vaccines. 
  • In-home private sessions also available for puppies & friendly dogs, including dogs with compromised immune systems. 

Children in class: 

  • Welcome in all regular group classes. 
  • Bring 2 adults if possible for each family with children younger than age 5
  • Children must remain with parents or guardians at all times.
  • Some attendance restrictions in aggression programs

​Shy, nervous, aggressive, noisy dogs: 

  • Private or special sessions for serious social or noise issues available.
  • Watch for Detouring Doggie Delinquents workshops/growl classes on our schedule, Facebook or student e-mail lists.

 Female dogs in season 

  • May not attend Basic Manners.
  • Welcome in advanced sessions at owners’ discretion. Canine panties recommended.
  • Owners who attend Basic Manners classes without their dogs. during those weeks get free group makeup sessions later​.

What to wear

​​Most Osteen site classes outdoors under cover. 

Comfortable clothing; dress for easy movement & bending over

  • Non-skid shoes such as tennis or athletic shoes
  • No sandals nor flip flops, please.
  • Pockets are a big plus!


Photo & video recording during classes encouraged. All rights reserved to Best Paw Forward. Please tag Best Paw Forward in any you put on-line and submit any images or video for credit toward future classes.

Cell phones

  • Mute or turn off incoming announcements, calls, messages
  • No texting, no Tweeting during class to avoid missing material covered - please post & share later
  • Send class photos & video clips to us for credit toward future classeshttps://www.facebook.com/bestpawforwardinc
  • Tweet about the fun you are having @BestPawFlorida