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​​​​​​For PuppyLove & Basic Manners. If possible, at least a day in advance:

  • Send completed registration form (available on web page, by e-mail or in the mail).

  • Confirm your appointment time via e-mail or telephone. If you have received confirmation, come at the start times listed.

Come at least 15 minutes early

  • If you did not submit an on-line registration form at least a day in advance

  • Have not paid for your classes in our on-line store. Please note: discounts offered apply when payment & forms provided in advance. Our liberal Osteen group class visit policy makes it easy to check out our program in advance.

Read Getting Ready for Your First Class on this web page or in e-mails from us.

Please bring

  • your dog (hungry)

  • Our driving directions

  • Several cups & at least 3-4 types of whole-food soft treats (boneless chicken, hot dogs, cheese, ground beef)

PuppyLove/Basic Manners Osteen orientation usually by appointment. 

Extra orientation (Week 1 for PuppyLove, Basic Manners) 10 a.m. Sun. Jan. 28, Osteen.​

5 p.m. most Mondays
4:30 p.m. most Wednesdays: 

Other times available with advance approval of appointments. 

Confirm by e-mail bestpaw@bestpaw.com or submit online registration form for fastest response before driving out. 

Additional orientation frequently offered by appointment, Details at Class Schedule

PuppyLove/Basic Manners DeLand orientation usually by appointment. 

Private classes in Osteen or in your home  Class Schedule ​​

Refund policy: For class cancellations one week or less before your first class, you will receive credit for an upcoming series, private class or workshop that begins within six months of the start date of your first class.

Class schedule changes or postponement announcements posted on: 
Web page

Most classes continue in rainy, cold, hot weather:
Indoors in DeLand
Move indoors in Osteen when necessary​

No group classes, no events Sat. Feb. 17.

Weekly Play Times in Osteen

On 10 beautiful fully-fenced grassy acres in Osteen. Open only to current PuppyLove students, recent PuppyLove graduates and approved recent, current or former students with good dog & human social skills. 1:15 p.m. most Saturdays & 11:30 a.m. most Thursdays. 

​Occasional other days announced here & on Facebook​​

​Property available for private run & fun times, club outings and for barter opportunities.

​​​​​​​Best Paw Forward Inc. Dog Training

Orientation / First Class