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1835 Oak Haven Plantation Rd Osteen FL 32764-8872 US
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Directions to Best Paw Forward,1835 Oak Haven Plantation Road, Osteen FL 32764-8872

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     Please print out our directions to take along with you – GPS & cell phone reception is spotty in the area. GPS and map programs are also often wrong for this location.  

     Print the portions that apply to the route you need or prefer, especially including the details after you get to our subdivision, Saddle Creek, off Pell Road and also heed the warning to skip Boy Scout Camp Road and Lake Ashby routes which take you into often-impassable sugar sand. Tell your GPS (every time!) to detour around those roads, to alert your GPS companies to the problem.

     Call 407-321-1006 if you get confused. Around group class hours every volunteer may be involved with attending students, so it is unlikely that anyone will be available to monitor phone calls during those times. This makes it doubly important that you use our directions for the Osteen site.

     There is one mile of easily-navigated dirt road once you turn into Saddle Creek and few street signs once you get to this final mile, so landmarks listed will help you.  Paw prints are painted on some of the power poles starting on Osteen-Maytown Road and some are created with reflectors, to reassure you that you are headed the right way. There is also a dog training sign with an arrow to indicate the left turn at the first intersection on our dirt road. GPS is good after that. 

     When you turn into our subdivision, feel free to drive on whichever part of the road provides you the most comfort – no need to stay in lower areas for a car with low clearance. Drive slowly, no more than 10 miles per hour, once you get to the dirt road to avoid frightening horses and other livestock, as well as local wildlife. We regularly see deer, wild turkeys, bald eagles, hawks and more. Lower speeds also help preserve the road work done so far. If there are any low wet spots, get up on the grass there and go very slow as you watch for any new washouts.

     The size of the facility at Spring Oaks Animal Care Center means we have to limit visitors at that location in DeLand. Please call at least a day or two in advance.