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Basic Manners
for older pups & adult dogs - household & foundation manners, obedience tricks.

​​​​Gift yourself with a better-behaved dog for the holidays - sign your dog up PuppyLove or Basic Manners starting with orientation at 10 a.m. Sun. Dec. 4 or 9 a.m. Sun. Dec. 11. Check class schedule for other orientation times during the week. 

Free dog training & dog behavior tips! The information found on our popular free CD's full of training thoughts from great dog minds like Ian Dunbar & Suzanne Clothier is now available free here on our web page. Click on the Training Tips & Links button at the top of the page.

​​Please always use our directions when driving to our beautiful home base in Osteen.   ​​

Scheduling group or private classes: bestpaw@bestpaw.com     407-321-1006

Preventing & fixing behavior problems
Speedy pet resolutions. We also specialize in rehabilitating nervous, shy & aggressive dogs​.
Advanced & competition levels

agility, therapy dogs, obedience/rally,
show/conformation,  service dogs, field, tracking, tricks.


for pups 8-18 weeks old at orientation. Covers even more material than in Basic Manners. Start now!

The Best in obedience & behavior training

 based on trust and respect

Experienced, trained professionals

and volunteers

Small group & private dog training sessions

Daytime, evenings, & weekends

Beginner levels in two locations:
  Osteen & DeLand